Agile Playbook: Scrum Product Owner

The Product Owner is one of the three roles in Scrum. The main tasks of a Product Owner are to 

  • maximize the value of the product resulting from work of the development team and to

  • manage the product backlog

These are the main tasks of a PO, so how does he or she work?

  • The Product Owner OWNS the product

  • He has a clear vision of the product

  • The PO represents the customer, he/she is also in charge for the stakeholder management

  • The PO is the only person managing the Product Backlog. He or she makes sure that the BL is

  • clear to everyone involved → it is essential that BLI are described in a very clear way

  • prioritized → everyone involved knows what the next steps are and what is most important

  • visible & transparent → everyone involved has access to the BL

  • These tasks don’t have necessarily to be done by the PO, but in any case, he is accountable for the Backlog

  • Like the Scrum Master, the PO is also a servant leader


How does the Product Owner enable High Performance Teams?

The Product Owner enables High Performance Teams by:

  • communication a clear mission

  • sharing his knowledge about the product, the customer and the use cases with the team

  • effectively managing the BL:

  • BLI are expressed very clear, so that the dev team understands the content and the goal of the BLIs

  • the BL is prioritized, so the next steps are very clear for the dev team and they know which items are most important 

  • the BL is visible and transparent

  • by working closely together with the dev team. He/she is present and available for questions

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